Crystal Bailey is a well known name in the interior design world, Crystal is the owner of “The Boholuxe Home” where you can essentially buy a range of styled bedroom packages delivered to your door handpicked by Crystal to transform your home and wake up feeling like you are on a Mediterranean holiday!

Crystal has worked with some of the biggest names in Australia such as Lorna Jane, Sarah’s Day and Lisa Messenger only to name a few.

I had the opportunity to interview Crystal and chat about all things home decor, styling and about her brand new sold out masterclass.

Can you tell us a bit about your first ever Interior Styling Masterclass Series?

OMG! Well I was so nervous launching this, because it was the one thing that scared me so much! They always say to do the one thing that scares you and this was it!

I realised soon after that it wasn't about me, it was about helping others - it went beyond my own fears and into the fact that everyone deserves to have a beautiful home that reflects who they truly are.

Honestly now I've realised that launching the masterclass series was the best that I have ever done, because it's been able to help hundreds of people to style their spaces!

You are known for your saying “Paint it white” can you elaborate on your reasons behind that?

HAHAHA! YES! I am all about painting it all white, because I believe it creates a blank canvas to calm the mind and to feature key pieces such as artwork, cushions and decor. White spaces are cleansing, life changing for mental health and a symbol of purity. They really do need natural materials and textures to balance it out, so they don't look like hospitals. But there's something about painting it all white, that brightens up the room and improves your mood.

What are three homeware pieces essential for styling any lounge room?

Ohhh that's a tricky one, but I would say an artwork above the sofa, vase for life on the coffee table and a big cushion for adding personality to the sofa!

For most new modern apartments people face an issue of having no natural lighting in bathrooms, what tips do you have for bringing some light into the space?

I have this exact problem at my place now and what I did was hang a wall bracket from Bunnings and suspend a plug in light from IKEA for only $7! They create ambient feature lighting and at night, I light candles in glass jars from IKEA too!

I hope you enjoyed this months interview with the ever talented Crystal Bailey, we loved chatting with Crystal and learning more creative styling tips to use in our home.

You can also check out her website here

November 17, 2020 — Maddy Linke